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Set in present time. Ellena and The Magic Lamp tells the story of Ellena Wilson, whose life changes over night when she receives a special lamp from her father stationed in Iraq. She quickly discovers the lamp she possesses has an actual genie and by keeping it, she is plunged into the eternal battle of good vs. evil that stretches across the cosmos and into different dimensionsJoin Ellena and her friends as they try to save all of creation from the ancient evil that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. 

“Ellena And The Magic Lamp” is a great book for those who like juvenile, tween, young adult magic fantasy stories middle grade books. For ages 10 and up.

Willow Reed Road

Levi and his friends are all geared up for the upcoming Summer vacation.
Unfortunately for them, the last week of school will be the most
troublesome of all. They find themselves being chased by the notorious
Bedlam brothers, three of the biggest and meanest bullies that has ever
walked the halls of Riverdale Jr. High. To make matters worse while
being chased the boys trespass on the Gravestone’s private property.  The   neighborhood rumor is that the Gravestones are witches.

Willow Reed Road


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